September Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show

Save the date for the September Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!  I’m really excited to be doing another Avant-Garde show.  I’ve had such fun at the two I’ve done already.  The show is on September 23, 2018, and it runs from 10-5.  We’re at the same location, the Oasis Golf and Conference Center in Loveland.

Admission is $3, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Bake Me Home, a local non-profit dedicated to promoting volunteerism and encouraging shared family experiences for those in crisis.

I’ll be sharing some sneak peaks of new items soon!



Final Preparations

The craft fair is only three days away.  Three days.

Final preparations are under way.  My inventory is set, my PayPal credit card app and swipe thingy is all set to go.  Today we are practicing the table decorations.

It would be accurate to say that I am pretty darn nervous.  There’s the bit about talking to people.  The bit about not knowing the ins and outs of the craft vendor world.  The bit about never having used the dang PayPal card reader.  And of course there’s the bit about making a fool out of myself in front of others.

Wait…what?  Yeah that last one creeps into most things I try.  

But in the interest of my personal happiness, I will POR (press on regardless), and I will show up on Saturday with a smile and a positive attitude.