About Me


Here it is.  The first post.  I have sat for a moment or two, or ten, trying to come up with something meaningful to say.  Something witty, perhaps a bit inspiring.  Some amazing post that would draw my nonexistent readers in, enticing them to spend a tiny slice of time with me as I ponder a myriad of topics such as math blocks, budget friendly dinners, and preferred knitting needles.


Then I realized that no matter what I slapped up here, I would hate it.  Because my daughter doesn’t get her perfectionist tendencies from the fairies she so loves.  And so, dear readers (future readers?), I give you this.  A picture of my most favorite coffee mug.  I bought it in a shop on Ocracoke many years ago.  It’s my favorite because it’s just the right size, it fits comfortably in my hand, and because it calls me to do what I have such trouble doing.

And so here I am.  Beginning.