bhuey designs

“Miss Darcy”

Sometimes I feel like I have my hand in too many things. Too many pies in the oven. But the truth is, I like it that way. I love having a variety of interest! There’s jewelry making, writing, bookkeeping, office remodels, and kids to think about. Today, a slice of jewelry making.

"Miss Darcy" necklace from BHuey Designs' Pride and Prejudice line

A necklace for Miss Darcy, one of the most complex characters in the Austen cannon. I love her story. Her fall from grace, her struggle, and ultimate redemption. Used by a scoundrel, then rising into womanhood despite him. I love her. This beautiful pendant reminded me of her; the pink color is called Antique Pink, and it’s perfect for her character.

I’m working on lining up shows for the fall! I’m excited for some things coming up in October, and hopefully several in November. I know, I know, it’s a long way from now. For now, let’s enjoy summer!