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A finished project!  I think it’s a great example of my state of mind that I cannot remember when  I began this sweet little sweater.  Sometime early fall??  The more important point is that it is finished!  Completed and gifted!

This is the Sock Yarn Sweater by Hannah Fettig with modifications to include a cowl neck and short, gathered sleeves.  This is actually my third time making this sweater, which is incredible.  I never knit a pattern more than once.  Except, of course, for this pattern.  You can check out my Ravelry page for this project here.

This time I used Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  The color is called Scout, which reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird.  No idea if that’s why it’s really called that, but that’s what I’m going with.  I knit this little bitty for my brand new niece, although she won’t fit into for a while…

When I finish a project, I always soak it, then roll it out and block it using a plain old towel.  I have used a variety of soaps, but my favorite is probably Wrapture.  It smells like jasmine flowers!  I’ve also used Soak Wash and Kookaburra.  All work well.  Any knitters out there with an alternate process?

About Me


Here it is.  The first post.  I have sat for a moment or two, or ten, trying to come up with something meaningful to say.  Something witty, perhaps a bit inspiring.  Some amazing post that would draw my nonexistent readers in, enticing them to spend a tiny slice of time with me as I ponder a myriad of topics such as math blocks, budget friendly dinners, and preferred knitting needles.


Then I realized that no matter what I slapped up here, I would hate it.  Because my daughter doesn’t get her perfectionist tendencies from the fairies she so loves.  And so, dear readers (future readers?), I give you this.  A picture of my most favorite coffee mug.  I bought it in a shop on Ocracoke many years ago.  It’s my favorite because it’s just the right size, it fits comfortably in my hand, and because it calls me to do what I have such trouble doing.

And so here I am.  Beginning.